When the time comes to buy a service, I like to compare. That is the idea of ​​this article; help you choose better.

This is not to judge or denigrate these two companies who are clearly successful in their field. But simply to compare the facts and attributes that best meet your needs and desires.

"Ateliers et Saveurs" and Vin and Wine tastings may be complementary. 

And if you can afford it, why not experience both offers. 

But if you have only one choice to make, let's continue...

Picture the scene

At one point we all want to learn how to drink wine better.

  • Either because we know there most be better wines than the three to four to which we are accustomed to.
  • Or we want to know which wines to choose with our meal.

Whatever the reasons, the answer is that there is nothing better than a good wine tasting to open our horizons and have a good time at the table with friends and family.

If you search for “Wine Tasting” on Google, there are two that stand out in particular: “Ateliers et Saveurs” and “Vin and Wine''.

The quality of the workshop (atelier) Wine Tasting

According to Vin and Wine's web page “ What is Vin & Wine ” we quickly note the fact that Dany, the founder, with 40 years of experience in the world of wine, could very well have named his company “Dany". A bit like the great fashion designers like Gucci, Lacoste, Saint-Laurent, Givenchy and many others have done. All are passionate professionals who live for one thing only: passion for their art.

Moreover, if you visit the “ Testimonials ” page on the Vin and Wine website, the word “passion” is mentioned more than 300 times by its participants.

As for "Atelier et Saveurs", it is noted that on their “ Careers ” link, they are looking for a sommelier for Montreal and Quebec. With the absence of a sommelier name it appears they don't have a resident sommelier recognisable enough to be an asset to your booking. To use the fashion designer's analogy, it looks like a generic product without a luxury label, such as the Vin and Wine offer.

With the facts in front and if we want to taste the “art” of wine tasting, my vote goes to Vin and Wine.

The differences

Vin and Wine offers three different services, or rather the same wine tasting service for three types of clientele: at home, Corporate and “open to all”.

Ateliers et Saveurs also seems to offer these three types of services, but since there is little information on their private and corporate offers, we will therefore compare the services offered to individuals, couples or small groups who appreciate joining other enthusiasts.

Vin and Wine, as its name suggests, specializes only in bilingual wine events.

Ateliers et Saveurs are best known for their cooking classes. It's no surprise that their accompaniments for wine tastings are homemade.

As for Vin and Wine they have teamed up with other specialists, restaurateurs, Bring-your-Own-Wine from all over the province of Quebec.

The choice of wines

Being a wine tasting you want to know what you're drinking, what will be the theme. Vin and Wine, you will only find out at the end.

Vin and Wine's concept is blind tasting only. 

The idea here is not to make you guess what it is, far from it, but above all to avoid all prejudices and pre-conceived ideas. We all start at the same place. And the formula works very well as indicated by thousands of participants who have reiterated the Vin and Wine offer more than once.

As for the quality of the wines that Vin and Wine present, they are beyond reproach. After all, they are the ones who invented the WINE A BEE™ application , which rate wines according to their qualities and their chemical inputs. Their concept also ensures that all wines are available at the SAQ and at reasonable prices, under $20.

Their idea is to prove that you have access to quality wines without having to go through private importers or pay higher prices.

As for Ateliers et Saveurs, I did not find any other information other than it is French wines, Aperitifs, Sparkling wines, Liquoreux, Eaux-de-vie & Digestives in agreement with seven dishes!

The skills you'll be learning

Ateliers et Saveurs describe their tasting this way “ Evening/gastronomic meal. 7 services in harmony with 7 products, accompanied by tasting techniques with our director sommelier Antoine Salvail Leroux ”.

The subject will therefore be “tasting techniques”. That is their top-of-the-range offer.

On another online offering, they extrapolate with; how to serve and taste wine, how it's made, in short, the basics.

As for Vin and Wine, for their “Initiation” or basic tasting, it is based on three points:

  1. Appreciation
    1. The 4 principles for successful food and wine pairings

    2. How to describe a wine with simplicity and ease

    3. How to prepare, serve and store your wines

  2. Know how to recognize a quality wine
    1. Be able to choose a wine according to its quality, its additifs

    2. What is wine made from, beside grapes?

    3. How many days can an opened bottle of wine be kept?

    4. Why some wines give headaches or other side effects

  3. Know your palate to better choose your wines
    1. You will have to rate your appreciation of each wine from 1 to 5. For example, rate 5 if the wine is perfect for your palate and one if it doesn't suit your palate.

    2. Recognize your comfort zone

Vin and Wine are also renowned for their educational aspect of their teaching. They use accessible terms.

They take examples from everyday life, situations such as at the restaurant or at home.

Their concept is that if you are able to visualize yourself in the explanation, you are more likely to integrate it, to adopt it.

Their goal is to improve your wine consuming habits and they are very good at it.

There is no doubt that the 40 years of international experience in all the wine trades allow you a much more complete and professional experience than Ateliers et Saveurs.

Will what we learn be applicable?

Apart from the experience, we also want to leave with some knowledge, which we hope will improve our lifestyle.

In other words, has wine tasting had a real impact on our life?

As for Ateliers et Saveurs, it is difficult to measure since there is no follow-up to their wine workshops. Unlike Vin and Wine which offers a program of five levels of wine workshops/tastings. And since there is a round table summary where all the participants share their experiences and their challenges since the previous tasting, it is possible to mesure the impact of earlier workshops had on the life of the participants.

The results are astounding. Especially in terms of our health, which is most important.

That explains why Vin and Wine has had over 11,000 attendees since 2011.

Here is a comment from Sylvain, who has participated in both wine tastings giving by "Ateliers et Saveurs" and Vin and Wine, which sums up quite well:

“Ateliers et Saveurs workshops I took part in were traditional, like looking into grape varieties for pairing a meal. As for the Vin and Wine workshops, we are completely elsewhere; choice of wine according to its intensity for pairing, carafing, dry wine versus sweet, technological versus reasoned, crescendo consumption, and so on . We go completely off the beaten track with a technique that is simple to apply with the tools available.

For me, it was just a wow!!!

Customer's satisfaction

On the Atelier et Saveurs testimonials page , there are a little less than a hundred, the most recent of which dates back to 2018. On Google, I did not find any “ratings” or comments.

As for Vin and Wine, Google shows 4.9/5 stars for seven reviews from May till July 2022.

On their testimonials page , you will find several thousand testimonials. The list is so long that Vin and Wine saw it fit to count the superlatives to give you an idea of ​​the tone attached to the comments.

Like 50 WOW, 300 exciting, 12 fantastic, etc. It's quite impressive, I must say.

In both cases, I did not find any negative comments. But hey, would they have posted them on their site? As for Google, no choice, they would be visible.

The price

For "Atelier et Saveurs", according to their website, prices vary between $70 and $175 per person. For the cheaper price, we get two hours of workshop called “THE APERO ALL IN FLAVORS”. It's four French wines with their cheeses.

For the higher price tag you get, and I quote from their website: “ Evening/gastronomic meal created by our Chef Antoine Corriveau. 7 services in harmony with 7 products, accompanied by tasting techniques with our director sommelier Antoine Salvail Leroux .”

It should be noted that Mr. Leroux, as competent as he is, has no mention of sommelier experience on his LinkedIn page .

As for Vin and Wine, as is often the case, you have to adjust the offer to compare prices. Advertise ' starting at $19 per person ', let's try comparing apples to apples. This offer is only for home or business groups of 50 or more guests. For wine tastings open to the public, it's $89, all charges included. What is not included is the food.

Granted, they also offer workshops with four wines and a few canapes included for $59 including tax. $21 cheaper than the equivalent of Ateliers et Saveurs. As for the top of the range, it's between $39 and $69 +srv+tx more for the complete meal, 4 to 5 courses.

The fact remains that Vin and Wine is $22 to $62 cheaper than at Ateliers et Saveurs.

Ateliers et Saveurs

Vin and Wine

Languages offered


French and English

Year first trading

2008 (14 years)

2011 (11 years)

Years of experience of the sommelier

Don't know

41 years (since 1981)

Number of places where the wine tasting is held

4, in house

12 restaurants

Offers at home + Corporate services



Can register online



Price for tasting 7 wines (All charges included)





Between $39 & $69 +srv+tx

Difference in price with the meal included

+ $62 to +$22

- $62 to -$22

Wines offered

French wines

Blind tasting


I repeat my offer that there is nothing better than to participate in these two wine tastings to form your own opinion. The exercise is simply to place the information for a fair choice side by side, with the information found on both their websites.

If you have other facts to add to these, do not hesitate to communicate them to me. It is with great pleasure that I will update this page.

As for Ateliers et Saveurs, it's basic, “traditional” storefront wine tasting. A complementary addition to their offer of cooking classes already very well established for more than 14 years.

They will especially appeal to those who are familiar with their excellent service and know where to go for a great evening with wines, good food, other interested parties, and some basic wine knowledge.

With Vin et Wine, we are at the pinnacle of wine knowledge. It's an experience grafted onto a whole character. I invite you to read his biography . You don't meet someone like Dany every day and you can feel it as soon as he enters the room. It moves, it fascinates, in short, it will not leave you indifferent. Each word is a story that will leave you speechless. He knows how to keep your interest from start to finish. If you've given up on wine for any reason, he'll make it up to you.

It's the type of experience that will appeal to everyone, but will set the bar very high later on. 

It is therefore advisable to do the wine tasting first at Ateliers et Saveurs and then at Vin et Wine.

Well, I hope I have helped you in your choice. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and comments.

Have a very good wine tasting! Cheers!

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