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    "I have had the pleasure of attending many events and dinners in my time, but never one like the one we experienced with you. Your knowledge and passion is second to none and that is what really made the difference ."


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    "Vin and Wine has taken the food and wine pairing experience to a whole new level. Gone are the days when the standard bottle of white or red you served with a meal did the trick."


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    "The wines were amazing, and the price was right! It was a fantastic birthday present that my husband (and our guests) will remember for many years!"


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    "I had a wonderful evening filled with new experiences presented by the charming, informative and charismatic Dany. He communicates his passion for wine and his just appreciation in the first minutes. His knowledge of pairings allowed me to discover new taste experiences and for that I am very grateful! I can't wait to learn more. Thank you Dany!"


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    "Dany's passion is contagious. He is a very cultured person who has been around the world, something I also look for because I like to travel. I learned a lot about wine and how to choose them. If you have never been to a wine tasting, this is definitely a visit not to be missed!"


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    "It was so awesome. I had a great evening. Dany was really well organized and super informative. He has a great 'experiential' approach to learning about wine and all that goes with it. Sharing, great food, Fantastic company in a warm and welcoming atmosphere."


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    A very pleasant and convivial evening, with good food. Dany has a lot of experience and it's nice that he is so happy to share it all."


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    "Dany has a deep passion for what he does and that's what makes his performances stand out from the crowd!"


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    "Here is my "note" for the evening: Host = A+; Quality and choice of wines = A; the company = A+; Tasting explanations = A+; Food = A+; Services = A; Location = C; Parking = A+"


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    "The great thing about what I do is that you never know who you're going to meet. We have you as clients and in one evening we're now friends. People you'll love to meet again and who can't wait to bump into each other just to say 'hello.' Better yet, to share another meal with amazing wines.

    Last night it was a small group of six people. Like family really! There was Paula and Robert. 3rd event they have attended so far and they said they were looking forward to the next one. I leave it to them to explain why they love our wines and events so much.

    So in short, friendly staff; amazing guests and of course the wine pairing was breathtaking! See you at our next event! "


    "It's more than just a wine tasting event. It's a rich culture where you have the opportunity and pleasure to sit with amazing hosts and other guests like you. The wine tasting n t was just the beginning. Experiencing new artistic wines not readily available to the public, Dany brings more than just wine. One of the most memorable experiences you will have with an informative session and friendly conversational dinner.

    We had the opportunity to develop a solid foundation of the basics of wine tasting. By learning the proper techniques to evoke all of your senses, you will truly be amazed.

    Dany's passion radiates throughout the event and creates a positive atmosphere for the evening. With laughs and pleasant memories, this is truly an experience not to be missed.

    Unfortunately, my words still pale in comparison to the experience I had. Thank you for doing what you do, you do it very well.

    Thank you Danny"


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    "After attending the Apéro event, I met a lot of nice people, I had a very entertaining and very informative evening and my passion for wine grew considerably.

    What I learned from this experience is that there is much more to wine than just the taste and enjoying a drink after a hard day's work. Wine is an art that can transform a simple evening into a memorable evening. I was very impressed to learn how wine can pair with a meal as well as complement it and maybe even enhance it.

    The knowledge I gained was my favorite part and I look forward to being part of the other workshops Vin et Wine has to offer. This may have been one of the most interesting and entertaining evenings I've had in a long time!"


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    “I would like to share my experience at Vin & Wine. My lack of knowledge and appreciation of wine is what first interested me in this event.

    My expectations were simple: at the end of the evening, to leave knowing a little more about how to appreciate wine.

    Not only did the whole experience exceed my expectations, but I came away learning not only to appreciate certain aspects of wine, but more importantly, to use wine to supplement your lifestyle.

    I am very grateful to have been able to attend the event, I would recommend it to everyone from beginners to advanced, and I am certainly interested in attending another similar event.

    Thank you Danny"


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    "What an exceptional evening! As with every event that Vin & Wine organizes, I came away from this both taste and olfactory experience. Dany is a sommelier who is passionate not only about wines but about everything that revolves around this divine beverage. It's an experience to live and relive! I highly recommend it. Thanks to Dany for sharing a little of your knowledge with us. This evening made me want to know more not only about wines but also on food and wine pairings. I look forward to the workshops you will be offering us soon!"


    ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    "The information provided raises many questions and certainly prompts us to make changes, starting with us and our loved ones. Thank you!"


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    "The quality and passion transmitted during this event were beyond my expectations. I found this experience extremely enriching, because we start the evening by learning the rudimentary techniques of tasting, to end with the knowledge necessary to choose and serve wine in an appropriate way that takes wine tasting to the next level. This workshop gives us quantitative tools to determine the quality of a wine, but leaves the choice up to our tastes and our sense. Following this experience, I appreciate wine tasting more, I want to apply the right techniques to optimize the tasting and I want to deepen my knowledge on the subject. Mr. Gagnon is very generous in explaining all the details provided.

    Thank you for this great experience."


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    "A friend and I recently attended Dany's wine and food pairing event at the Steak & Frites restaurant in Kirkland and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Dany's passion for wine is contagious. He shared his extensive knowledge of French wines giving us lots of practical advice on pairing the wines with the food we ate.We tried several wines with each dish which really enhanced the flavors of each dish we selected to perfection Dessert, the piece de resistance, was a decadent family recipe cake made with real chocolate which was simply divine, especially served with some fantastic Muscats.

    If you are a foodie with a passion for good wine and enjoy meeting new people to share your experience, I highly recommend attending one of Dany's wine pairing events. The food, wine and service are impeccable."


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    "Wow, thank you very much, it was fantastic. Nice meeting, nice spirit, nice knowledge. I will definitely recommend your workshop! You have kept my attention and my interest throughout, well done!"


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